#1 mistake e-commerce merchants make

Quick question for you?

What’s the most important thing a potential customer is thinking about when they visit an online store the first time?

Is it the quality of the product?

Is it the pricing?

Is it free shipping?

Is it sales or specials?

Well, whilst all of these are important to the potential customer… there’s something even more important.

And that is…

Is this is a real business?

We all know there is an abundance of dodgy websites online, and nobody wants to do business with a website that is not a real business.

And how you present your business on your website is crucial.

If you come across as a fly by night operation you’ll struggle to sell anything.

But the question is what actions can you do to improve trust and credibility?

The most powerful is to show your contact info prominently on your website. Therefore you want to show details such as:

  • phone number
  • address (if you have a retail outlet)
  • an email address (or a contact form)

Obviously you can put this info on a contact page, and put your phone number on the top right hand side of the website.

By putting the phone number at the top people can see it immediately, and this gives the user peace of mind they are dealing with a real business. Psychologically, it makes a huge difference.

I’d imagine not many people would actually ring the number anyway, unless they had a good reason. So any fears of getting a lot of phone calls are unfounded really.

Bottom line… put the phone number there, add a contact us page, and don’t hide behind your computer. It’s an easy way to boost sales.

There are lots of other things you can do to improve your sales, and I go through many of them in my free website audit.

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