An e-commerce lesson to learn from professional sports

One thing I find alarming when I look at a lot of e-commerce sites is how many of them appear to be struggling to sell anything.

These are the sites you take a quick look at and decide you wouldn’t buy anything… even if they were selling something you wanted.

Some of the most common problems are:

  • Error messages displayed
  • Images are so poor they look like were taken with a camera from the 80’s
  • Coloured backgrounds with reverse type
  • Walls of text
  • Cluttered pages with little white space

But probably the biggest sign a merchant is treating their business like a hobby, is not having Google Analytics installed.

Reason being, any merchant who has not even bothered to install Google Analytics (or any other analytics program) is not serious about their business.

It’s as simple as that.

Because without knowing which pages are performing well and which aren’t, any changes you make are based purely off guesswork.

And relying on guesswork is a recipe for disaster.

Any business who is serious about optimising their website for peak performance needs to know their numbers, and make informed decisions from the data.

It’s one of the first things I point out to merchants when discussing their website.

And to illustrate how important it is to know you numbers, think of a modern day professional sports team.

Nowadays they have statistics for everything you can imagine. Nothing is missed.

The coaches analyse these numbers to pinpoint where the team is struggling as a whole, and which individuals are performing the best. On the flip side, they can identify the weak areas of the team, and which players are not pulling their weight.

Graphs, charts and tables tell the full story.

As they do with Google Analytics.

Bottom line… if you don’t have it installed and/or you’re not using it to it’s full potential, then what’s stopping you?

It’s an awesome free tool and every e-commerce merchant should be taking full advantage of it.

The sky is the limit.

And here’s where I can help…

If you need help to set it up (including enhanced e-commerce) then I’m your man.

I can set up Google Analytics the right way, so you can start making informed decisions (from accurate data).

And even if you do have GA installed correctly, there’s an excellent chance you have it set it wrong and it’s giving you bad data. The truth is most installations are done incorrectly and merchants don’t even know it.

Either way, we can jump on a Skype call to discuss this further.

Simply visit and shoot me a message.