If you’ve got it… then flaunt it

Sometimes the most obvious things are missed by online merchants.

In real life, not so much…

For example… if there’s one thing that service station owners do well it’s cross-sell customers into making impulse purchases.

You walk into the store to pay for petrol (or gasoline) and the counter is surrounded by chocolates, drinks and everything else that a person in a hurry might be interested in at that exact moment.

And you can bet that the items closest to the counter are carefully chosen based on what people are most interested in.

Or to further illustrate this point, imagine a teenager (male or female) who has a particular physical feature that drives the opposite sex crazy.

Of course they’re going to flaunt it much as possible in order to attract attention.

Reason why is it WORKS.

So what’s this got to ecommerce and marketing?

Well it often amazes me how often I see a merchant not bothering to emphasise wide-appeal products.

Every merchant has certain products that produce a lot of sales.

The most popular products!

But more often than not, they’re nowhere to seen on the website… unless the user does a search or tries to find them through the menu navigation.

This is madness.

Ideally, the top sellers should be featured somewhere on the home page… preferably with images or thumbnails that link to the product page.

The point being… rather than making people work to find what they are looking for, why not put it right in front of their nose like the service stations do.

It’s brain dead easy to find out which products to feature too.

All it takes is a quick look through your analytics to find out which products are your top 5 – 10 sellers over a long period.

As far as conversions go… you’ll find this to be much more effective than putting up pretty pictures or a wall of text on your home page.

As well as your home page, you can also look into featuring these products:

  • in the sidebar
  • at the bottom of blog posts or information pages
  • on exit pops (that display when a user exhibits exit intent)
  • during your checkout process
  • persistent headers (best kept as small as possible to avoid annoying visitors)

So if you’re not currently doing this, what’s stopping you?

It’s a surefire way of making more sales without any any extra effort or cost.

Speaking of making more sales…

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