People don’t come to your website to view slides

Today I want to grab a time machine and wind back the clock about 30 odd years, when I was growing up in the 80’s.

In those days VCR’s and vinyl records were fashionable and personal computers had only just come on the market. Boy George and Wham were top of the charts… and fingerless gloves and big hair were popular (yes sad but true).

But there was also something else called a slide projector, that most young people of today wouldn’t even know existed.

For those that don’t know… it’s an old fashioned machine that’s filled with slides which are created from photographs. The slides are small transparencies mounted in sturdy frames ideally suited to magnification and projection. You can see what I mean on Google images.

Anyway, the idea of the machine is you sit down in front of a screen (or wall) and watch photographs appear, one after the other.

The reason why I mention this is my family used to do this a bit back in those days, and I can remember being bored after five minutes, and wanting to go off and do something else.

And in a lot of ways it kinda reminds me a bit of carousels or sliders on e-commerce sites.

You see, statistics show that people get bored of them quickly.

So much so, that the first slide often gets 80 to 90% of all clicks. And when you realise this, it’s clear putting time into multiple slides is wasted effort and pointless.

You see, people don’t come to your website to view slides. And you can’t expect them to take the time to watch your entire slideshow. Not going to happen.

But the other thing about carousels is they tend to slow down the loading speed of your website too, especially if they have a lot of high resolution images in them.

So here’s the bottom line…

Yes, they might make the website look nice… but when it comes to improving conversions you’d be far better off spending your time on other things.

It’s really just a matter of priorities when you think about it.

If making your website pretty is top priority… then go ahead and go nuts with it.

But on the flip side of the coin… if sales are what you want, then don’t bother with it.

So what’s the best alternative to carousels then?

You can find out by booking in for a free website audit with myself.

You see, carousels are one of the things I discuss in my free website audits, along with lots of other good stuff in a value packed 30 minute session… where you’ll walk away with a number of actionable steps to turn your website into a conversion machine.

Sound good?

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