When errors of judgement can prove costly

One of my favourite movies is Heat, starring Robert Deniro (McCauley the criminal) and Al Pacino (Hanna the cop).

McCauley just wants one last heist, a bank robbery worth $12 million, before he retires from criminal activity… and moves to New Zealand with his girlfriend.

But a former team member tips them off to police. And the team are ambushed as they attempt the bank robbery. Half of them are either killed or seriously injured… but McCauley escapes unharmed.

In the end it appears McCauley is going to evade Hanna and escape with his girlfriend, but right at the last moment he fatefully decides to pay the traitor a visit… and kill him.

McCauley succeeds in killing him, but has to abandon his girlfriend, with Hanna waiting for him as he walked towards his car.

A long chase on foot results in a frenetic ending as Hanna shoots McCauley.

The point being… McCauley should have just got out of town while the going was good, and forgotten about the traitor that tipped them off to the cops.

Stupid move!

And in some ways, it kinda reminds me of e-commerce merchants who send paid traffic to broken links or landing pages that are not displaying correctly.

Talk about throwing money down the drain.

Potential customers (who likely WANT to buy) click on your ads only to find there’s nothing to see on the other side.

Sure, this is easy to do… especially if you have a lot of ads running at the same time.

But it’s also pretty easy to prevent as well.

As far as broken links go, you can use a tool such as Screaming Frog to scan your website for broken links.

For pages that have UX (user experience) problems you’d need to be monitoring your advertising platform for pages that have ridiculously low conversion rates… to see why.

In Google Analytics you can also take a look at the exit rates of your landing pages with a paid traffic segment.

So if you’re running any type of paid traffic, I recommend you keep an eye on this to ensure you minimise wastage.

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