When your customers are wondering, “Are we there yet?”

If there’s one thing I consider to be a total waste of time, it’s grocery shopping.

By the time I drive down there, fill my trolley with food, pay at the checkout and drive home, I’ve eaten through more than an hour of my day.

It’s why I don’t think twice about paying a few dollars extra (usually a whopping $4) to have my shopping delivered to my door.

It’s money well spent.

Now, I’m the first to admit I’m not a patient person. It’s just not my strong suit.

And I would always find which checkout was going to be the fastest… so I could get in and out as quickly as possible, with the least amount of hassle.

And when it comes to ecommerce, it’s a similar story.

People like to be in control and to know what is required to get to the finish line. Are we there yet?

As humans, we are programmed to want to know how much longer an experience is going to take. And this is why numbered lists work better than unordered lists, and also why it’s a good idea to have clear progress indicators on your checkout.

It could be labelling each section with a step, such as Step 1 of 4, Step 2 of 4… and so on.

Or you could use the visual progress arrows that are common on many checkout pages these days.

Either way, the aim should be to keep the checkout process as simple and clear as possible. So people know where they are at in the process, just like at the supermarket.

This is just another way to reduce cart abandonment and improve user experience.

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