Why best practices can sometimes suck

Here’s something you might relate to…

One of my least preferred ways to spend my time is filling out paperwork at tax time. It’s just one of those things I find as exciting as getting your teeth pulled out at the dentist.

Those long forms never seem to end… and a lot of the questions are difficult to understand.

So when I need my tax done, I pay an accountant to do it for me.

The equivalent to this in the e-commerce world is for your visitor to fill out your checkout form and complete their purchase.

Obviously, an online checkout process is not as drawn out as tax forms… but the point is it can still be a painful, frustrating experience.

And as a best practice it’s generally a good idea to restrict the amount of form fields you have in your checkout as much as possible.

However, like any best practice it’s always a good idea to test what works best.

You see, I’ve seen numerous studies done where reducing the amount of fields has actually DECREASED conversions.

So it’s not as simple as just cutting down on form fields.

You need to test, test, test!

And a great tool for testing your forms is Formisimo.

It will help you to get deep behavioural insight on your forms.

You’ll be able to understand WHY and WHERE your customers aren’t converting – not just that they aren’t converting! And you’ll discover more than just which pages are causing bottlenecks.

This includes form validation as well (where the form displays error messages that need to be filled out correctly).

With Formisimo you won’t need to guess what works best, because you’ll easily be able to make data driven decisions… and ultimately improve your conversion rate.

The other alternative is to hire someone who does this for a living.

Either way, it’s something you should look into if you haven’t already.

To find out more about how to improve form conversion (specifically on your website), you can contact me here: