Why you should talk about holes if you sell drills

Having studied a lot of ecommerce websites over the last few years, there is one area that is commonly neglected.

And that is the product descriptions.

For some reason many business owners seem to just slap up anything, and think the product (and maybe its price) will sell itself.

Big mistake.

Truth is, many potential customers need a bit of extra convincing to get them over the line.

Obviously, well written product copy can work wonders for this.

But the problem is… many people struggle with it.

There is often confusion as to whether you should be writing short descriptions, long descriptions or something in between.

The general rule here is the more expensive a product is, the longer the product description should be.

Of course a $5 printer cartridge is going to be a lot easier to sell than a $5,000 car. So the persuasive argument you put together needs to be a lot stronger for expensive products.

But the most important thing is the end result the product achieves. So if you’re selling drills online, then talk about the holes they produce. And not so much about the features of the drill.

A great way to bridge the features and benefits is to use the words “so you can”…

Make it clear what result they can expect by purchasing.

Another important element is addressing objections.

Most products attract certain objections, depending on what they are… and you need to know ALL of them.

The idea is to skilfully weave the objections into your copy, and demonstrate how the product overcomes them.

If you do this subtly, the prospect won’t even notice you are putting their mind at ease to remove objections.

The most important thing of all is a call to action to buy.

But many product pages I see don’t have them. And just having an “add to cart” button is not enough.

You need to conclude your copy with a relevant call to action that motivates the prospect to put the item in their cart, and either keep shopping or checkout.

In summary, put some effort into writing compelling product descriptions that do the best job possible of sealing the deal… especially if the item is expensive.

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